“I enjoy providing a space where clients can look at and share all parts of themselves (strengths and areas of struggle) without being judged. It can be very powerful for people to be heard, understood, and validated. I like helping clients and couples recognize and build on their strengths. I also find it empowering for many clients for them to become experts on what it is they are struggling with and for them to find new ways of interacting with and responding to this struggle. I especially enjoy equipping clients with research, tools, and new ways of thinking about or managing the issues they are coming in for. In my training and research, I have learned of so many specific, tangible tools and enlightening research findings that many people are not aware of, tools and insights that I’ve used myself or with clients, and I love being able to share these with other clients.​

​Here are three main areas I focus on in my counseling and some examples of common issues I help clients with:​

Anxiety and Stress​

  • How to manage the“what ifs”
  • How to manage perfectionism so it works in your favor and not against you​
  • What to do with the running thoughts that prevent you from falling asleep
  • How to stop the worry and rumination cycle​
  • How to decrease reactivity to stressors​

​Couples Therapy​

  • How to manage conflict with issues that keep coming up over and over again​
  • How to effectively communicate when you are upset about something your partner said or did​
  • How to break the pursue-withdraw pattern (where one partner keeps wanting to talk and the other shuts down)​

Parenting & child misbehavior and anxiety​

  • How to respond to tantrums (of all ages) and reduce the frequency​
  • How to get kids to “listen” better (and stop having to repeat yourself) ​
  • How to respond to sibling conflict and whining​
  • How to help children with their anxiety and fears”​



Lindsay earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue University Calumet in 2011...

Lindsay shares more about her therapy…

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