At CASI, we offer Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) classes on a regular basis. There is a clip of Howard Glasser, founder of the approach, on our website, but most people are not familiar with this approach. NHA focuses on the relationship between parent/teacher and child. Emphasis is on what is going right, not what is going wrong. Energy and attention are focused on what is happening that is good vs. energy given toward negative behaviors, or what is going wrong. This is almost upside down from what most of us think of when correcting our children. We usually tend to lecture and give great attention to our kids when they are breaking our rules or doing something wrong. When they are not breaking rules, we generally leave them alone and do not mention how well they are doing not breaking rules. With the NHA approach, there are rules and they are very clear. Consequences are given when rules are broken and the consequences are swift, emotionless and consistent. You can focus on what is going poorly, or what is going well. As parents, we all have that choice. However, by focusing on what is going right with your child, the chances are that they will begin to see themselves in a much more positive way. This is in line with my hope that children learn to see the good in themselves, leading to more positive self-esteem. For more information about NHA, you can watch the video on our website or also go to

Sheri graduated with her B.S. ED and M.S. from Northern Illinois University

Instead of what’s wrong, what is going right?

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