Counseling Associates of Southern Illinois

Please note:  A fee of $75.00 will be billed to your account for failing to show up for your appointment and a fee of $55.00 is charged for late cancellations.  The fees are stipulated and agreed upon in the Client Registration and Intake forms signed by the client prior to the first session.

Rates (Hourly)

ServiceInsurance BilledReduced Cash Rate
Initial Assessment$200$140
Individual Therapy (16-37 minutes)$110$80
Individual Therapy (38-52 minutes)$155$110
Individual Therapy (53+ minutes)$165$110
Family/Marriage Session - 50 minutes$165$120
Family w/o patient$165$120
Play Therapy$200$120

Court Fees

Custody Evaluation (copy of court order req'd)$3,000
Psychological Testing/Evaluations$200/Hr

Insurance Accepted