Everyone experiences loss and grief in their life. Sometimes it’s a mild or small loss such as; trading in a car, change of school, or a different job. Other times it is a big or major loss such as; a divorce or a death of a loved one. This is where we as normal feeling human beings all experience grief.

Grief is the total process of reacting and responding to the losses in our lives. Grief is a universal process; it is the same emotions world wide. The process is the same wherever in the world people experience loss.

Therefore, grief is a useful healing function that allows a process to bring about closure and then begin a new beginning or re-establishment of life. We go through life phases and learn how to re-set our lives from the time we start learning in pre-k and for the rest of our lives.

It is when we experience the grief for an extended period of time and it affects an ability to function normally is when we need help.  A good therapist will help get the person experiencing loss to move past the loss and begin a new re-set and closure of the past.

Scott has worked in crisis intervention and runaway intervention programs with Children’s Home and Aide Society of Illinois...

Loss and Grief

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