You can’t see it when you look in the mirror.  Sometimes you doubt that it has happened.  Emotional abuse is elusive.  You may think if you’re not being physically harmed you’re not being abused.  But emotional abuse can be just as devastating as physical abuse.

Emotional abuse can happen in any kind of relationship  It can occur between spouses, friends, partner, parent and child.  What is emotional abuse?  It is a pattern of threatening, bullying, verbal criticism and put downs and shaming.  It may also be more subtle using manipulation, intimidation or fear.  It is about control.  It changes your trust in yourself, your self worth and the way you view yourself.  Victims of emotional abuse often believe they are worthless and stay in the relationship because they are afraid they can’t make it on their own or that no one else will want them.  A pattern of abuse can result in depression, anxiety and even physical illness for the person who is being abused.

Understanding emotional abuse is the first step in allowing yourself to regain your self worth and make better decisions for yourself.  It takes courage to look at an abusive relationship with the blinders off.  If you believe you are being emotionally abused , reach out to someone for help.  Talk to a family member, friend, teacher, therapist or anyone who will be supportive of you.  Emotional abuse does not magically stop.  Let someone help you move beyond it.


Emotional Abuse

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